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5-Step Improvement Model


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CTE Improvement Plan



In conclusion, with our technological advanced information age, learning keyboarding benefits every child, student and adult.  Our time is now to teach keyboarding as a basic skill early on, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Learn now can benefit a student greatly in school and beyond.  With this in mind, students in high school that decide to take Business Systems Technology will longer have to learn the basic skills of keyboarding and will have a greater opportunity to expand on higher workplace skills and standards more efficiently and effectively.

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Accountability Report

Throughout the course I discovered and uncovered some of the many things that have become the very foundation of accountability and its effects.

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Games and Simulations


Simulation and gaming, whether computer based or not, can be a powerful tool when used properly and in the right setting. They help students actually experience a system or problem and not just read or hear about it. Computer simulations are especially able to allow students to create and manipulate systems and problems within certain parameters and without the normal constraints of time and space. And besides all that, they are interesting, attract students to learn, and are usually down right fun.

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FSPA Workshop


I felt this workshop helped my own professional development through writing and teaching techniques. My students learned many  techniques in journalism writing for our newsletter, business documents, layout, design, photo editing, and website design to help them in Business Systems Technology and Digital Designs class.

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Equity Project


Welcome to YOUR World.

Designed a 6-8 hour workshop with high school students in mind. Topics included are sexual harassment, racial, ethnic, cultural and/or religious, discrimination, physical discrimination, defamation, libel and/or slander, electronic harassment, bullying, and abuse.

>> Outline and Agenda

>> Welcome to Your World Book (Must have publisher to view.)

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Methods to Teaching Adult Education


Presented and discussed the different type of learning styles of adult and high school learners.  I am looking forward to applying some of Dr. Young's teaching to my very own classroom.

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A Business That’s “Got Class!”


Project was to create a Curriculum Resource Guide for our new Academy of Graphic Arts. The projects are aligned with the English Department curriculum Academy of Graphic Arts.

       >> Introduction

       >> Conceptualization and Development

       >> Review of Literature

       >> Curriculum Resource Guide

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 MA in Career and Technical Education


One journey ends only to start another.

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