Career Shadowing

Student Packet Business Packet Research Rubric Career Shadowing Rubric Thank You letter Rubric

Student Packet



Business Packet



In this unit, you will

participate in Career Shadowing.

Shadowing Career date is February __, 20__


Reading Strategies


Student Performance Standards


Reading Strategies

Students will read the career shadowing packet and follow it's instructions through out the career shadowing experience. Student will learn how to read a job application and follow directions on writing resumes and letter of applications.



Constant assessment of student’s abilities.  Students have to create a PowerPoint with questions they would like to ask the person they are career shadowing, students are to turn in the correct paperwork to career shadow, students are to evaluate their experience, students are to finish their PowerPoints (rubric for grading PowerPoint),  and students are to write a thank you letter to the business they career shadowed.


Student Performance Standards

01.00        Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace op performance.  Apply ergonomic principles applicable to the configuration of computer workstations-The student will be able to:

 01.01        Enhance proficiency with touch keyboarding skills (speed and accuracy to enter and manipulate data.

01.02        Use communications and networking to perform tasks and solve    problems in business environments.


 01.00        Incorporate knowledge gained from individual assessment and job/career exploration to design an individual career plan that reflects the transition from school to work, lifelong learning, and personal and professional goals—The student will be able to:


01.01        Plan ethical, political strategies to achieve goals and advance careers.     

01.00        Participate in work-based learning experiences—The student will be able to:


01.01        Participate in work-based learning experiences in the secretarial field.

01.02        Discuss the use of technology in the secretarial field.

Checklist for Career Shadowing

Pre-Research Assignment

Career Packet Assignment

Permission Forms

The day of Career Shadowing:

1.     Get a business card

2.     I am career shadowing on Tuesday, February _, ____, which is tomorrow!

3.     What time do you have to be there?

4.     Be there 15 minutes early or at least on time.

5.     If something comes up call your business contact or call Ms. Christina Smith at 221-5034.

6.     Dress appropriately.

7.     Bring your career package and ask questions for your report. This part of the packet is a grade.

8.     Fill out the form about your career shadowing experience.  This part of the packet is a grade.

9.     Give your business contact your evaluation for with a self-stamped envelope.

Do not expect it back, which is not polite; ask them to please mail it to Christina Smith at the High School.

10.                        Take a picture if at all possible and mail it to

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your career shadowing experience.

Note: A thank you letter is mandatory if you are participating in career shadowing and

will be turned in to Ms. Christina Smith for her to mail.


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