Alien Presentation

Power Point Assignment

GOAL: To instruct a group of aliens (extraterrestrial)

SUBJECT: How to do something, step by step directions. Example: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, driving a car, riding a bicycle, brushing your teeth, flying a plane,  etc.

TOOLS: Use PowerPoint and the Internet

Specifics: Create a minimum six slide presentation that details the ingredients, techniques and processes involved in doing something. Example: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Remember, the concept of bread, knife, plate, jars, and keeping the pb and j on the inside of the bread is completely foreign to an alien.

In order to keep your audience's interest, make sure that each slide has a transition. Use graphics and text on each slide and apply Custom Animation to at least one item on each slide. Colors and creativity are an added bonus.

*If PB&J is not your thing you may choose another idea, riding a bicycle, tying your shoe, brushing your teeth etc. Add some humor is a plus.

Remember, you must create a five slide presentation so don't choose "how to drink a glass of water".

Assignment checklist:

Title slide

Table of Contents-Listing the steps

Hyperlink to each slide and hyperlink back to table of contents

Each step should be on a slide with directions
Graphics and text on each slide.
Custom animation on each slide.
Slide transition on each slide.
Save your presentation, e-mail or add to thumb drive.

If you finish before Friday you must create another one.







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