Adobe Flash CS6

Objective Assignment Essential Question Lesson Plan



Flash Advanced Project (my MBEA advanced workshop, Summer 2004)

See sample below.

Create a new folder in your Flash called Summer Fun and download files below

 Download Files  

The files are in a zip folder, you must cut the files out of the zip file and place them before zip file in order to use.

Project Directions have been printed for you but a link to the directions are below.

Download Project   

Because it is a zip file you must cut the files from the zip folder and move them to the Summer Fun Folder.

Beware the project directions are in a different version.

Open CS6

Click on Actions Script 3.0

Change workspace to classic.

Property Panel is on the right.

To insert a key from you must right click on the frame.

To break apart text, you select text, right click break apart

Import images to library, File, Import then select the files.

To tween right click between frames and select the appropriate tween.







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